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The ROI of SEO

Organic search has never been more important, or more challenging. Marketers need to understand how their site is performing, deliver high-quality discoverable content, conduct keyword research, perform technical site audits, unite stakeholders and prove ROI.

To help you start building the case for investment in a holistic SEO strategy and framework for proving ROI, download the Forrester report, The ROI of SEO: Build the Business Case for A Holistic SEO Program.

This report helps B2B marketing professionals make the case for investment in a holistic SEO program. It provides an ROI model for SEO using Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework.

Content includes:
→ Promising More Website Traffic Isn’t Enough To Secure SEO Funding
→ Use Forrester’s TEI Framework To Make The Business Case
→ Determine Revenue From Incremental Earnings
→ Add Savings From Operational Efficiency
→ Subtract The Costs Of Technology, Additional Resources, And Related Services
→ Adjust Benefits And Costs Based On Risk
→ Update Model Assumptions Based On Context And Marketing Goals
→  Supplemental Material